About Our Brushes

Brushes can be made to perform many functions, depending on the shape and construction of the brush. Below is information on brush bristles.

  Nylon Polypro Wire Tampico Horsehair
Max.Temp. 190 F 175 F 1000 F 375 F 375 F
Wet Use E G E F P
Abrasion E G E P G
Recovery E G G P F
Chemical Resistance
Alkalis-del. E E P G P
Acids-delute F E P G P
Solvents E G E G P
Veget. Oils E E E G P

E – Excellent        G – Good        F – Fair        P – Poor

Nylon is a very popular brush bristle material due to the wide variety  of bristle stiffnesses (diameters), durability, colors and bristle styles.

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